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FX is an educational program to give city school students the opportunity to experience and learn first hand about real life modern Australian Farming by staying with a farming family for a week.

During their stay with you, students will have a chance to find out about the diversity of career opportunities the food and fibre sector has to offer by experiencing working on a farm and visiting various related agribusinesses.




How does it work?

As a host, you will accommodate one (or more) student(s) during the program. During their stay as their host, you (and your family) will provide your visiting students with their everyday needs including accommodation and meals.

While staying with you, the objective of the program is to give students as much insight into your farming business and industry as possible. Students are also encouraged to share information about themselves as well and later report their experience back to their school, peers and teachers.

What support do I get from FX Program?

Hosts are able to contact the FX Program Coordinator during business hours. Students will also have a school emergency contact person, hosts are able to call if something was to happen.

Are there costs or insurances involved?

Hosts require public liability insurance of a minimum of $5 million. The FX Program Coordinator works closely with the schools to ensure the correct procedures are followed and all necessary documentation is completed, in order for the students to be covered by the school’s insurance. Each state will have slightly different documentation requirements.


How are hosts selected to take part?

Host selection is managed by Rabobank Client Councils and the participating Rabobank branch.

To be selected, you will need to:

  • Submit a profile including information about you, your farm and family composition.
  • Be passionate about farming.
  • Be available to host one or more students aged 16 – 18 for one week.
  • Have the amenities available to accommodate your visiting students (i.e.: a bedroom or adequate space in your home).
  • Be able to spend time with your visiting students teaching them about your farm.
  • Willing to travel to an agreed meeting point to collect and drop off your visiting students.

What does the application process involve?

If you are invited to participate, you will receive an expression of interest form to complete. Once your application form has been received by the team at FX, you will be contacted to participate in an induction meeting or phone conference to discuss the program’s details and further requirements.

You must confirm that you agree to the Host Code of Conduct. From this stage, there will be an information pack with documents for you to complete, including a risk assessment and undertaking the relevant state’s working with children/child protection checks.

How long is the program?

Usually the program runs for one week, but each school and group of participating host farmers may change the length of the stay by a couple of days. You’ll know all the dates and duration before the program you’re a part of commences.


What activities will I need to organise for my visiting students?

With the guidance and support of the program’s coordinator, you will be asked to plan your week’s activities.

The aim of this week is to give your students as much of an insight into a typical week of running your farming business – letting them observe or take part in your daily activities as much as possible without interrupting the operation of your farm.

During their stay, students will also take part in an off-farm day to visit a related industry suppliers so they can see what other career opportunities the industry has to offer.

What will I know about the visiting students before they arrive?

Both students and hosts fill out a profile so you can get to know a little about each other before the program.

Is transport taken care of?

Yes, the students will all arrive together on the first day and you will meet them at a welcome event (such as a BBQ) where everyone will meet. This is where you’ll collect them from at the start of the week and also where your drop off will be at the end (the start and end location may be different).

What should I do before the students arrive?

Prepare your students room with fresh sheets and towels. If it’s hot, you may need to provide a fan. If it’s cold make sure there is enough bedding or supply a heater if necessary.

What should you do on the day that the students arrive?

The students will arrive together and be met by local Rabobank representative. A welcome event will be arranged where all hosts can meet their students. When you arrive home, remember the students may be nervous and have travelled for many hours. Ask if they would like to contact their parents by telephone to advise them that they have arrived safely. Offer them a drink and snack, show them their room and the bathroom facilities. Ask your students if they would like to take a shower and make them welcome. Take the opportunity to orientate the student to your home, explain mealtimes and introduce them to other family members. It is also important to go over some of the general reference points of the farm and start with some workplace health and safety points.

Is there anything students won’t be able to do while staying on my farm?

Yes, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Quad/motorbike riding.
  • Travelling in light aircraft.
  • Students operating vehicles/tractors/machinery.
  • Horse riding.
  • Any other activities posing high risk.