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Farm Experience Program



A unique experience for city students to discover what agriculture is about and where their food and clothing comes from.

FX aims to give city school students the opportunity to experience the food and fibre industry and learn about its complexities and the career opportunities it offers by experiencing the rural lifestyle first hand, while working on a farm for a week and attending various related agribusinesses. The program is a partnership between Rabobank and metropolitan schools.

Farm Family

quoteI have now realised that every aspect of agriculture involves a very detailed structure in how things work and the management strategies are all very complex.

farm group qld cotton

quoteI never thought there were so many job opportunities and the technology is mind-blowing. I will never look at my food in the same way.”

farm outlook

quoteThis experience has changed the way I look at agriculture because now that I have heard and seen how much we need and buy products of farmers it has been a big eye opener to me.”

farm industry

quoteI really enjoyed the whole experience. I believe that it is a big eye opener into the agricultural industry and how much farmers actually do for Australia.”